AI Physio treatment

Let art Artificial Intelligence guide Your patients to a healthier and more sustainable therapy home therapy, by controlling the correct execution of prescribed home exercises

Providing best complimentary home therapy experience with your individual AI Physio Coach,
supporting thousands physiotherapists and patients worldwide  
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Treatment Plan

Create a custom treatment plan with physiotherapy exercises in 4 minutes

AI Guidance

AI support providing visual and audio guidance to ensure a correct execution

Tutorial Videos

All exercises are provided with a professional step-by-step tutorial video

AI Powered PHYSIOTHERAPY guidance

Guided by Artificial Intelligence

Real-time monitoring of the exercise execution and and guidance leading to substantial therapy improvements and healthier results

Artificial Intelligence CoaCh training plan

adapt The individual Therapy process

Let Artificial Intelligence track the recovery process  and measure your performance improvement. According to the individual recovery, the difficulty level can be adjusted to the
Your personal AI treatment plan will be adapted continuously, depending on th recovery process of the patient



Structured and self-explanatory individual treatment plan generator, providing a comprehensive documentation ensuring a smooth and fast patient transfer.

Always keeping track of things

appointment scheduler

The integrated appointment scheduler the push notifications automatically remind the patient about the next appointment at the practise, prescription, home exercise or the in-app online treatment with the therapist

Highest level privacy protection

AI recognition & Privacy

The AI recognition is being performed on device only without any data connection needed! All data communication is being encrypted and fulfils the highest security world standards, ensuring privacy and GDPR compliance

Man doing exercise with AI Coach

bald für IOS und Android

Advantages for therapist
and patient

Results Improving
Improve treatment results by patient compliance
Reaching New Level
organic growth through  ongoing value & engagement
Workout Tracking
always keeping control over the therapy
Exercises Video-Library
AI guided Tutorial explination videos
reaching new young target group by innovation
Provide a 24/7 support and possibility to bill extra
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Our Motivation

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We will support You at each and every milestone, we believe in You because We are You!